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The Town of Dillsboro has an ordinance dealing with each of the areas listed below. Details of the ordinances can be obtained from the Town Clerk during regular business hours by phone or copies are available on request.

Animal Protection & Control Ordinance

Bird Sanctuary Ordinance

Firearms Discharge Ordinance

Flood Prevention Ordinance

Government & Administration Ordinances

Malt Beverages Ordinance

Noise Regulation Ordinance PDF

Open Burning Ordinance

Parking Regulations Ordinance

Property Numbering System & Posting Ordinance

Privilege License (Business License) Ordinance

Sedimentation and Storm Water Control Ordinance

Sexually Orientated Business Ordinance

Sign Regulations PDF

Street Vendors Ordinance

Subdivision Ordinance

Trash, Refuse and Garbage Ordinance

Vending Machine Ordinance

Zoning Ordinance

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