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Above: Blacksmith William Rogers working at his methane-fired forge.

The Jackson County Green Energy Park is doing more than capturing methane to prevent it from escaping into the atmosphere or groundwater. It's harnessing methane to create new businesses and educate the public about renewable energy and energy conservation.

The Park captures the methane gas from the old Dillsboro landfill and pipes it into a collection system. Then the gas can be used to power the studios of resident artisans, including what is believed to be the first methane-powered blacksmith forge in the country.



The Park's Gallery showcases the work of artists who work at the park creating pottery, glass and metal art. Events and classes are held throughout the year. Studio time is available for rental at the Anagama Pottery Kiln, and in the Glass and Metal Studios.

The Park has already garnered several major awards including EPA Land Methane Project of the Year, the NC Energy Office Economic Development Leaership Award, and the Western Carolina University Service Learning Partnership Award.

For more information or to arrange a tour, contact: Timm Muth, Director. 828-631-0271. Email 

Visit the Green Energy Park's website at JCGEP.org

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